What I’m Playing: Worms 3D Ultimate Mayhem


My latest endeavour into a game that has left me wasting hours of my study time is for me a nostalgic little gem titled: Worms: Ultimate mayhem. I will to you now this game is definitely not any kind of video game innovation or feat. It is quite simply all the fun of worms but….(queue deep voiceover guy)…IN 3D!!!.

Lets start with some of this game’s more lacking areas. For one thing, the camera will cause you to rage quit. Think WatchDogs, mixed with irreversible inverted controls. After a few tries this is easily mastered, but still a little bit annoying.

Another pretty major problem is that the single player story may as well not exist. After completing what is basically a 2 hour tutorial containing time travel and extremely grainy cutscenes, there feels like there is very little payoff. Though you do unlock the OP weapons for use in multiplayer games – which are definitely worth acquiring. You also unlock clothing items for your worms….yeah, its really not worth it. A whole story, and your only real reward is the ability to unlock a new hat? It seems like a cop out.

There is a plus side to this game however. The multiplayer is hilarious. Whether you’re exterminating each others’ worms or destroying forts with incredible weapons such as concrete donkeys, holy hand grenades or a simple prod, every game is hilarious. Partly because of how frustratingly glitchy it is, partly because of the sheer brilliance of many of the weapons (not to mention the ability to create some weapons). Not only this but pretty much every map of this light turn based “strategy” is surrounded by water and worms cannot swim at all. The worms really stand no chance at all, which makes multiplayer games utterly unpredictable. Anyone could win, anyone could lose – there really is no skill set you need for this game.

So I have poured hours into this game with friends. Despite the drawbacks graphically and the finnicky controls, the game is worth it for the zany little guys, the weapons and simple fun that it brings. However its not hard to see why Team 17 never made another 3D one after this. The focus they put into the formula of the 2D games is unbeaten and this divergence into 3D did not go down well for a lot of people. However I would recommend this game to at least try with friends, I’m probably going to play a bit more now.

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