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The final series of Girls was sure to be explosive for characters Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa. After 6 seasons, Hannah is still trying to discover if she is ‘the voice of a generation’, Marnie is torn between Ray and Desi, Jessa is still free spirited and Shoshanna, in my opinion, still isn’t given enough screen time.

Although it is the masterful comedy of Dunham’s writing which drives the programme, the drama and personalities of the characters are very much rooted in real life. This time around, Marnie discovers that Desi is a serious drug addict and has had this issue since before their marriage back in season 5. Despite the seious beginning of this scene, a spoof horror-comedy vibe then takes over, whereby Desi pops up outside the kitchen window after being kicked out, looking very much like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Dunham continues to turn something so real into something hilarious and light-hearted.

Dunham’s scripts show she isn’t afraid to hold a mirror up to women in the creative industries, focusing on the millennial generation in particular. Shoshanna attends a mixer for WEMUN or ‘Women Entrepreneurs Meet Up Now’, a ridiculous acronym in itself. She is brutally shut down for this by her successful ex-friends in the most 2017 way possible. Shoshanna puts the blame on Jessa for this, as she took her on a trip to Rockaway instead of going on Spring break with her friends, where they created ‘Jamba Jeans’, their successful brand which she claims she should have been a part of.

The episode ‘Hostage Situation’ shows how the friends the girls make and leave behind determine their paths in life. Hannah discovers the girls are no wiser after six seasons, telling Marnie ‘We don’t know anything.’

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