Break up, chop off

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It’s true that changing up your hair makes you feel like you’re having a fresh start at life. New hair, new me and all that.

It not surprising then, that changing up your doo is often a go-to vice for people following a break up to help ease the pain and start a new chapter in life without your beau. This seems to have been a tradition amongst celebs and I’m going to talk you through some of the best celebrity post-break-up hair transformations.

If you’re up to date with celebrity news, or your just have a social media account of any sort, you’ve probably seen that Pop queen Katy Perry has transformed her locks into a platinum edgy crop following her split with Orlando bloom. Katy is known for her sickly-sweet signature look, made famous by her candy-world themed California dreams tour, her edgy new crop stays far away fr`om this, suggesting that perhaps Katy is looking for a new start. Although it’s completely understandable to be heartbroken after a split with Orlando, I think we’d all be, I do think that this new look is also representative of a change in her music. Her more recent releases seem to be straying away from cheesy pop and heading into a slightly edgier sound, suggesting that changing up her hair is just another step in this new career direction.

It’s not only women who get a satisfaction from changing up their hair after a break up. Last year saw Zayn Malik’s split from Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards which was followed by Zayn transforming his natural dark hair into an attention-grabbing silver. Although Zayn didn’t take long to move on, with supermodel Gigi Hadid no less, he still felt the need to change up his look to signify this major change to his love life.

Summer of 2016 saw yet ANOTHER Taylor Swift break up, this time from world famous DJ Calvin Harris. Taylor followed the theme of ditching natural locks and opting for a seriously edgy look by going for shorter, platinum, icy blonde hair. The country singer rose to fame as a teenager, sporting trademark long, curly locks. As she’s got older and even more successful, her hair has got progressively shorter, giving her a more mature and refined look. This break up saw what seems to be the end of this transformation from giggly teenager to one of the most successful vocal artists of this generation, with a strong and dramatic cut to match. Here’s to Taylors break-up hair screaming strong independent woman, I’m sure it won’t be long until

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