Wig it up for extensions

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must admit, I was pretty surprised everyone was so shocked by Katie Price’s confession that she wears wigs. I mean really, blonde locks like that are pretty hard to achieve for most women. It just struck me as being sad that all these women were berating Price for wearing a wig, partly because I couldn’t believe they cared but also because getting bald patches from stress can’t be easy. I mean after all, we all love Kylie when she gives us a glimpse of a different hair colour, so why should Katie be any different?

I just don’t see why women should ever give up wigs and extensions and forfeit the looks they love. Kylie’s wigs for example have made her iconic. Everyone can picture her with the blue bob, or green tresses and who could forget the rose-gold do. If these looks make Kylie happy, then go girl and wear all the wigs you want. The public wait in anticipation for the next look she chooses, thus don’t really have a leg to stand on by criticising wigs. Similarly, we all fell head over heels in love with Little Mix’s all-blonde look at the BRITS. As a dark-haired girl, I can tell you all of them but Perrie had some help from a wig expert. They looked amazing and oozed confidence, we all went mad for it over Twitter, so yet again I think some serious wig appreciation is in store.

Although wig-wearing may seem like a trend that only catches on with celebs, extensions are not. As a lover of hair extensions (I’ve been switching between clip-ins and micro-rings since I was 15) I just can’t see why people have an issue with wearing them. I’ve always wanted long princess hair but achieving it naturally just didn’t work as I have fine hair, so I wear extensions instead. And you know what? It makes me feel fabulous. Whilst a lot of girls rock short-hair I hated looking in a mirror when I didn’t have long hair, extensions have really helped boost my confidence. And there’s no shame in this. Occasionally I get comments along the lines of ‘it’s such a waste of money’ or ‘short hair suits you’ but for me the money is worth it for the happiness having long hair gives me. I no longer put my hair in a bun constantly because I hate the length so much and I can actually curl my hair now. I’ve met loads of girls in Newcastle who also swear by micro-rings, they tell me every time it’s helped boost their confidence. Whilst I’m all for loving yourself in your natural state as self-love is the most important aspect when it comes to feeling beautiful, if having extensions makes you love yourself that little bit more then go for it.

With all this in mind, I don’t see how anyone could ever criticise another woman for wearing a wig or extensions. I mean to start with, it’s none of your business what other people choose to do with their hair anyway. Sitting at home on your laptop being rude about Katie Price’s wig doesn’t make you smart and funny, it makes you a sad person who gets a kick out of putting other women down, AKA making you the worst person ever. If women choose to wear wigs and extensions to give themselves a confidence boost, change up their style, or for any other reason in fact, then that is good for them and I am totally behind them on it.

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