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Are you a music snob quiz?

October 24th, 2016 | by NUSU
Are you a music snob quiz?

Being a Music Snob is hard, you may think you are one, but deep down there could well be a Swifty or Directioner waiting to be set free. Time to see what your level of music snobbery is…

Start –

Do you pigeonhole yourself into a certain music genre?

Yes (20 points)

No (5 points)

Do you listen to the Top 40 to pick up new songs?

Yes (-5 points)

No (10 points)

Do you form opinions of people based on their music taste?

Yes (20 points)

No (5 points)

When you think of Indie/Alternative, do you think of Arcade Fire or Kaiser Chiefs?

Arcade Fire (15 points)

Kaiser Chiefs (5 points)

Have you radically changed your opinion on a crush because they love an artist that makes you want to vom?

Yes (20 points)

No (5 points)

Do you own a Record Player?

Yes (15 points) but 50 points if it’s just for show

No (5 points)

Do you regularly commandeer music at a Pre-drinks you’re not hosting because you can’t stand it any longer?

Yes – It’s not my fault everyone else’s music is shit – 15 points

No – but I silently judge them and refuse to enjoy myself – 20 points

No – I’m down for whatever – 0 points

Do you often refuse to go to certain clubs/ nights because of the music?

Yes – 30 points

No – 5 points

Have you ever enjoyed Flares?

Yes – 0 points

No – 100 points

0-40 points – ‘Definitely Not’ – Congratulations, you are not a music snob! You don’t give a toss about the stuff you listen to, if you like it, you’re not afraid to make it known to the world. You can actually enjoy most music, which means you’re probably not an annoying grunge bag. Conversely, you have just found out your whole cool, musically endowed persona is based on a web of lies, in which case, time to find a new uni stereotype to mould yourself into.

40-75 points – ‘Kind of…’  You have a wide array of music taste, but there are some bands/ genres that are just not you. However, you do not pride yourself on being blessed with a holier than thou musical mind. You just sort of get on with it, and if you’re in Flares you cannot stop yourself from singing along to Dancing Queen or re-enacting the dance moves to Cha Cha Slide

75+ points – ‘Music Snob’ – Well there you go; you are a music snob. Happy? If not that’s probably because you’re listening to Radiohead or have just heard your ‘uncool’ course mate rave about that band/ remix you thought only you knew about.

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