Articles by Calum Trenaman

Viceroy’s House (12A)

Calum Trenaman checks out this partition drama for us. Will it be realistic, or more of a washing over?

The Moonlight mix-up mystery

Was the wrong Best Picture announcement truly an honest mistake, or is there a greater conspiracy afoot? Calum Trenaman investigates what really went on behind-the-scenes

Moonlight (15)

Calum Trenaman heads to Tyneside Cinema to let us know if this highly anticipated, and award season favourite, is worth the hype

Golden Oldies: Boyz n the Hood

This week we sent one lucky reader to see the 90s classic, Boyz n The Hood. Calum Trenaman is that lucky reader, and he fills us in on if this lived up to his expectations. Being screened to celebrate its 25th anniversary, he examines how it relates to more recent events.