Articles by Joe Holloran

Oh snap, we’re in the thick of it

After the ‘shock’ announcement of a snap general election, Joe Holloran prepares us for June 8th by looking back at cinema’s most notorious balloting blunders

Donald vs Arnold: Trumpment Day

Twitter feuds. A common part of modern life. Who doesn’t love reading J.K Rowling digitally bitch-slapping Piers Morgan during the down time between ISIS atrocities…

And the Academy Award goes to…

Did the 89th Oscars praise the right cinematic spectacles? The Courier Writers sum up their dream picks and their thoughts on the real winners, plus a recap of THAT movie mix-up…

DC vs Marvel: Dawn of Good Films

With the DC Cinematic Universe failing at every turn Joe Holloran offers some reasons, and solutions, for their consistent bad reception, and just plain awful luck.

Golden Oldies: Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver

The Tyneside Cinema sure does love Scorsese; so much so that they held two sold-out screenings of his iconic neo-noir vigilante thriller Taxi Driver last week. Fellow ‘Marty’ enthusiast Joe Holloran reviews its influence on pop culture and De Niro’s thing for mirrors.

The remakes, not the American remakes

With German comedy Toni Erdmann already penned for a big budget remake, Joe Holloran examines Hollywood’s historic obsession with retelling foreign language films.

Golden Oldies: Goodfellas

In the BFI’s retrospective of the incredible work of Martin Scorsese, the Tyneside Cinema showed his iconic gangster epic, Goodfellas. Joe Holloran went to see if it’s still the wise guy it was, or if it’s just an average film, living the rest of its life as a schnook.

Golden Oldies: It’s a Wonderful Life

Throughout December, the Tyneside Cinema is showing regular screenings of this 1946 holiday classic. For our Chrimbo issue, Joe Holloran argues whether this iconic winter wonder still holds up today.

Guilt Trip – Bedazzled (2000)

This week in our column of shame, Joe Holloran looks back at a lesser-known Brendan Fraser remake (don’t worry, it’s not another Mummy sequel); does this deal with the Devil burn that badly?