Articles by Katie Ackerley

Exam Stress Sorted

Being a well seasoned student, Lifestyle Editor Katie Ackerley has been through enough exam hell to know how you can lose your head in the face of exams and dissertations. Despite how good you are at ‘working under pressure,’ here are the top tips to keeping cool throughout exam period.

Let’s Fly, Let’s Fly Away

Stuck in the library all day? Dreaming of sun, sea and sand? Well, you’re in luck as Amanda Yap and Lifestyle Editor Katie Ackerley are here to take you through the best places to jet off to this summer to relax after all the exam stress

Newcastle's Hidden Gems

You’ve been here a while now, so you may think you know all of Newcastle’s best kept secrets. Well think again. Lifestyle Editor Katie Ackerley takes you even deeper into fantastic parts of Newcastle you never knew existed