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Avoiding beauty blunders

February 22nd, 2016 | by NUSU
Avoiding beauty blunders

After weeks of watching YouTube tutorials you’ve finally nailed the perfect blend of eye shadow, flicked eye liner and cheek-sculpting contour. But lets not be fooled, these skills don’t come naturally, they take hours and hours of practice and we’ve all made our fair share of mistakes…so here’s my run down of top beauty mistakes and the best ways to avoid them:

Gravy lines

No not the kind of gravy Northerners love on there chips, but the obvious ring of unblended foundation around your face. It is of course a right of passage to buy a dream matte mouse at least three shades too dark when you’re first experimenting with make up, but if you insist on wearing darker foundation, remember to blend it down the neck and into the hair line. If you’re buying a high end foundation most beauty counters will offer a free shade assessment and sample.

Dodgy contour

I myself am totally guilty for this and get carried away by the prospect of chiselled cheekbones; it is hard to face facts and admit I will always have a round face. Contouring should be subtle and well blended and not just a lines down your face. I’d say the best way to avoid it is just keep blending in small circular motions to achieve that truly shadowed effect that we’re all after.

Over drawn lips

You are not Kylie Jenner. You do not have a million-dollar surgeon on speed dial. You may want a fuller looking lip but do not try and fake them by massively overdrawing your natural lips, it does not look good. By all means, a little over line and a bit of highlight on the cupids bow does wonders to give you that perfect pout, but don’t over do it.

Brow dilemma 

Circa Cara Delevingne. I’m pretty sure no one even cared about eye brows but now they have become the single most important step in many girls make up routine. From shaved brows, to tattooed brows to just badly drawn ones, they are the source of many people’s beauty mistakes. I recently received a text from my nan who got her eyebrows tattooed whilst on holiday in Turkey (believe it or not). She claimed her bad eye sight made it hard to get even brows on both sides. I couldn’t quite believe it until I saw it for myself but sure enough my 70-year-old Nan has tattooed eyebrows. I can also say that I would not recommend following in her footsteps. They say brows should be sisters and not twins and that god for that rule, one brow always always goes better than the other it is one of life’s harsh realities.

Greasy hair

Just buy some dry shampoo its only £2.99 from boots or if you’re on a budget talcum powder does that same job.

Chipped nails

I’m totally guilty of this but it does look scruffy. Just get yourself some nail varnish remover or chuck on a fresh coat of polish.

Feeling oily

Most of us can’t help getting oily; especially those of us with blemish prone skin. I’d recommend a primer (Body shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser (£8.00 and works wonders for me). A setting powder to stop yourself looking shiny in them all-important night out selfies is also a must have.

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