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February 20th, 2017 | by editor

Tired of the constant rain in Newcastle? Ready for the summer? Well luckily, you can style your hair in a way that reminds you of the better, warmer days. That’s right, the beach wave is back. I’ll run you through a few different easy ways to create these waves.

This is the age-old but super easy way to get messy-looking waves. Begin by tying your hair into two braids. Next, you’re going to want to spray them with heat protector all over (you can do this before you braid but I find it easier to do it after). Then, take your straighteners and run them over your braids 2-3 times each. Leave your hair 5 minutes and then undo the braids and you’ll find you have beautiful beach waves. Finish the look by spraying salt-spray and giving your hair a good tousle.

This method begins with washing your hair to give you that authentic beachy feel. Begin by washing and conditioning your hair like usual. When you’ve done this, flip your hair upside down and spray salt-spray all the way through it. You can do one of two things next. Either leave your hair to dry naturally for a wilder wave, or equally you can roughly blow-dry it for a more voluminous look. Once your hair is dry, finish this look by adding in a few loose curls with your straighteners if needed, or just spray with hairspray to finish the look completely.

This one again works best when you’ve just washed your hair, although you can just begin by wetting your hair the tiniest bit. It creates more controlled, curlier waves than the method above. Begin by washing and conditioning your hair like normal, and then blow-drying until nearly dry (if you’re starting with dry hair, I’d recommend filling an old heat-protector spray full of water and lightly spraying your hair instead so it’s just a little bit wet). Next, spray your hair all over with salt-spray. You’re then going to divide your hair into five sections (as equally as possible) and twist into bun-shapes which you secure with a band. Go over your hair again with the salt-spray once it is in the mini-buns. The final step is to continue drying your hair with a hair-dryer until it is completely dry. Once it is completely dry, take your hair out of the buns and you’ll be left with perfect waves.

This last tip is all about how to keep those waves beautiful overnight. For those with naturally straighter hair, this can be achieved through a pin-curl. Roll a 1 inch section of hair into a pin curl and secure with a bobby pin. Do this for all your hair and sleep like this to keep those waves.

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