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Beautiful inside and out

November 30th, 2015 | by NUSU
Beautiful inside and out

So you’ve tried every wash, gel, scrub and cream under the sun to improve your skin, yet nothing seams to work? If you’re anything like me, your bathroom is littered with bottles of skin products that range from everyday brands to high­end names that you bought out of sheer desperation. However, no matter what you put on the outside, your body will only ever flourish if you are mindful about what’s going inside too. Whether you want to eliminate bloating or just want a natural glow, here’s what you need in your fridge. Water is vital to feeling good, inside and out. Try to drink 1.5 litres minimum, and have a glass before bed to decrease puffiness whilst you’re catching up on beauty sleep. If water gets a little boring for you, detox bottles are heaven­sent. Just add some fresh lemon, raspberries or blueberries ­ delicious AND good for you.

We all know that it isn’t the best of ideas to eat a whole box of chocolates in one sitting, particularly if your skin is imperfection­prone. A quick fix for cravings is to switch milk chocolate for dark ­ anything over 70% still gives you a sugar boost but isn’t as creamy, plus it contains important disease­fighting antioxidants called cocoa flavonols. If this still doesn’t make a difference, avoid foods with a high sugar content. This unfortunately means no more biscuits with your tea and no more Desserts Delivered. Fill up on Brazil and cashew nuts instead because although they’re high in fat, they’re more natural than the artificial ingredients in our favourite chocolate bars. They are also selenium­rich which is amazing for tackling acne. It increases the antioxidants in your body and prevents blocked pores ­ perfect for battling blemishes. Another cause for skin problems is a lack of zinc in your diet; in recent studies, people with 24% less zinc and Vitamin E were more acne­prone. Add pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, quinoa and kidney beans to your salad for extra flavour and texture on top of all those lovely antioxidants.

On the other end of the spectrum, dry or dull skin is often due to a lack of oil. Don’t shy away from foods which are rich in fat and oil because as long as it’s natural it’ll leave your skin glowing, not greasy. Throw some seafood into your diet: I love salmon with sweet chilli dressing and vegetables at lunch instead of snacking through the day.   

It’s not just foods that can make you feel rubbish. Obviously alcohol wreaks havoc on your body (those Freshers’ Week flashbacks don’t need to be mentioned) but the after­effects can last longer than just a hangover. Sugary cocktails clog up your pores whilst wine, beer and cider dull your skin tone and contain a scary amount of empty calories. As a consequence, you can wake up feeling incredibly bloated, especially in your lower belly and face. The best solution without missing out on nights out? Clear spirits and fruit juices are your new best friends, so opt for a vodka orange or cranberry instead of coke.  In short, eat clean, natural food in conjunction with your daily skin routine to feel healthy and gorgeous. If your problems persist, consult your GP as they are fantastic for helping with lifestyle adjustments and recommending  further treatment.

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