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Best Beauty Read

October 19th, 2015 | by NUSU
Best Beauty Read

It seems like every girl is a makeup artist these days, and sometimes you watch videos and wonder if you could have done a better job yourself? Why is clown contouring even a thing? However, if you have watched one of Lisa Eldridge’s videos, or read any of her blog, you find yourself wondering how someone can be that good. Eldridge has been a professional makeup artist since the mid-nineties, and has made up the faces of Cindy Crawford to Cara Delevingne. This woman knows faces and she knows what looks good on them.

Lisa has been the brand ambassador for No.7, Chanel and Lancome and helped Shiseido become the brand it is today. You can’t help but get excited about makeup when you enter Lisa Eldridge’s world. Her particular obsession is vintage makeup, and so she often creates videos replicating iconic looks. Additionally, she conducts interviews with iconic film and theatre makeup artists on her blog. The most endearing thing about Eldridge is her inclusion of under-represented areas of the beauty industry. This includes darker and paler skin tones, problem skin and mature skin. She takes her audience into consideration when she makes her videos, proving hugely useful. Even if you only get the odd spot, watch her ‘Acne/Blemish Covering Makeup’ tutorial and it will totally change the way you approach a blemish.

“You can’t help but get excited about makeup when you enter Lisa Eldridge’s world”

Her blog posts are far more frequent than her videos (unfortunately for us) but they are just as insightful. They cover all sorts of topics, such as DIY face masks and Japanese lashes, with clear links throughout her site.

You could be hoping that I would choose someone that’s a bit younger, and a bit less successful, or you could be someone that prefers the more ‘Michelle Phan’ sort. What is unique about Eldridge is that she never gets sponsored to push any products which is a rarity on Youtube nowadays. You will notice her in other places, such as doing the odd video for Chanel or Lancome, but she makes sure it never interferes with her own website. That is the main thing I admire about her. I feel like if I watch one of her videos- or read one of her blog posts- I am getting the most unbiased makeup advice out there.

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