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Best beauty read

November 23rd, 2015 | by NUSU
Best beauty read

I am one of those people who always go to Google and search for product reviews before I buy something. That includes beauty products. A lot of them can be quite pricey and I don’t want to waste my money on products that have bad reviews. While I was reading product reviews on a foundation that I wanted to buy, I came across a blog called The Sunday Girl. For the rest of the night, I found myself scrolling through the blog reading other entries and quickly becoming a fan. The Sunday Girl is owned by a Scottish blogger called Adrienne. Unlike other bloggers who also write on fashion and lifestyle, Adrienne only focuses on beauty products. Also, she doesn’t post videos on YouTube. The blog is jam packed with product reviews and swatches, ranging from the latest makeup releases to nail polish dupes. She updated her blog twice – if not more – daily.

What drew me to read her reviews in the first place are the photos on her blog. They are very clear which gives me a good idea of how the products look. The photos of her swatches give me an idea of the texture of the product . She also divides her blog into different features like advice, budget beauty, beauty q&a, etc. which makes it easier for people to find specific entries. Her review of this foundation was the first post I read on her blog. My favourite thing about her review posts is how honest she is with her reviews. She always starts her entries with detailed and thorough information about the products. Plus, she also has great sense of humour, which is clearly shown in her writing style. For those who go to blogs for advice, she also writes useful trick and trips. Her entry titled Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew Years Ago seems to be helpful for a lot of readers. They are not ground breaking but definitely include some good pointers in doing makeup.

One of my favourite posts is the 10 quick and easy beauty hack, which makes my life a little easier when it comes to getting ready. She also posts advice on skincare, hair, and bath and body products. She also has a section called Beauty Q&A. If you have any questions regarding beauty products, she might have the answer for you. From questions like what is the best hair conditioner to how to get rid of stretch marks, Adrienne covers them all. Considering that she only started this section in June, so far they are really helpful. Another reason why the blog is fast becoming my favourite is because it has a good balance of high street and high end products in the blog. As a student on budget, it’s always exciting to read about products that have the quality of a high-end brand with an affordable price. The Sunday Girl has abundant information on high-street products. She has a section called Budget Beauty in her blog, which is definitely my favourite. When posting reviews on high-end products, she will also mention budget alternatives to the product, which I found really helpful. She might be not as popular as the other beauty bloggers, but if you are looking for new beauty blogs to visit, you should definitely check her out.

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