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Bridget Jones's Baby (15)

October 17th, 2016 | by NUSU
Bridget Jones's Baby (15)

Bridget is back – and better than ever before! The long awaited third instalment in the Bridget Jones series was finally released last month, and faithful fans of the franchise are right to rejoice; director Sharon Maguire has indeed ensured audience’s expectations were more than met with the return of another remarkable romantic comedy, Bridget Jones’s Baby.

Thankfully, the film is very loosely based on author Helen Fielding’s third novel. Indeed, the film follows 43-year-old Jones several years on from where the plot left off. Renee Zellweger resumes the title role and her outstanding interpretation of the protagonist does not disappoint. The American actress continues to have the talent for perfecting the British accent whilst embodying Bridget’s most awkward moments. The single, independent and confident Bridget is a strong contrast to the sometimes tragically lonely woman in the previous two films. However, she still manages to provide plenty of laughter through her often relatable yet hilariously unfortunate circumstances.

‘The American actress continues to embody bridget’s most awkward moments’

A new chapter in Bridget’s life begins when she falls pregnant and is unaware of whom the father of the child may be. The two possibilities are Mark Darcy and dating website guru Jack Qwant. Colin Firth reprises his role as hopelessly romantic Darcy and once again pursues Bridget. Meanwhile, newcomer Patrick Dempsey undertakes the character of love rival Qwant. Undoubtedly, Dempsey will be widely recognized from his career pivoting role as Greys Anatomy’s Doctor Shepherd. The comical rivalry between the two characters echoes Darcy’s difficulties with Bridget’s other former flame, Daniel Cleaver, who is referenced but was somewhat a miss after his memorable appearance in the first two films. The competitive scenes in pre-natal classes, a television studio where Bridget works as a producer and London’s smallest Italian restaurant only add to the incredible humour evident throughout the whole film.

British Actress Sarah Solemani is also a welcome addition to the fresh cast. Solemani takes on the role of Bridget’s new best friend, Miranda. The outgoing Miranda is Bridget’s amusing sidekick who works as a news anchor on the show Jones produces. This makes for a particularly notable scene in the studio when they attempt to communicate with each other on air while interviewing love interest Jack. The character’s alternating enthusiasm and shock towards Bridget’s triumphs and troubles mirror the audience’s reaction. The character’s endless wit creates a stand-out performance, which would have not been out of place when looking back at the other films in the series. Miranda brings a more youthful tone to the film that this time focuses on a maturing Bridget, another reason the film appeals to a wide audience.

The success of both Bridget Jones’s Diary and the sequel Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason certainly would have been an intimidating achievement to follow. However, this must see film remains at the top of the box office charts weeks after release, proving Bridget is more popular than ever. Don’t miss it, you will not be disappointed and as they all say, ‘to Bridget, just as she is.’

Rating: 5/5

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