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Brows at Boilerhouse

April 25th, 2016 | by NUSU
Brows at Boilerhouse

The trend of big brows took the beauty world by storm last year and shows no signs of stopping. This huge trend had us cringing at photos of ourselves taken before brows became such a big deal, and had us questioning how we ever deemed the brow-less look to be acceptable. It was from this craze that HD brows were born, the ultimate treatment for getting those arches perfected. I went to Boilerhouse in Jesmond to check out what all the hype was about and to see if this eye-raising ordeal really is worth the money.

Boilerhouse is located on Acorn Road, right in the heart of Jesmond. It’s extremely easy to find and is had a really welcoming exterior. The inside doesn’t disappoint either, with a pretty vintage style interior with so much attention to detail. The beauty treatment rooms are on the third floor in cute little attic rooms, all sporting sloping ceilings and detailing matching that of the rest of the salon. Even the waiting area was beautifully shabby sheek, with elegantly worn coffee table, vintage floral sofa and little trinket decorations. The stylist met me in the waiting area and went through the safety questionnaire with me and helping me fill out the relevant documents. She then took me into

the treatment room and let me get settled while asking questions about how I wanted my brows to look. She went into a lot of detail about my options and made sure she took my personal style and preferences into account while she was styling.

The process was complex and took just under an hour all in all. First, the brows were tinted. This was done using a sort of paintbrush, the stylist used very precise stokes to make the colour look at natural as possible. After a couple of minutes the tint was wiped away and wax was used to remove the stray hairs from around the brows. Next up was threading, I was a bit nervous as I’d heard it could be pretty painful but honestly I was very pleasantly surprised. I barely felt a thing and the stylist was really efficient to avoid it becoming too uncomfortable for long. She explained how she was removing any tiny hairs around he forehead/brow area to make my eyebrows look extra defined. She then finished off by plucking any left over hairs and tinting one more time before applying a special pore-closing balm and neutral powder then showing me how I could define them further by applying a little HD brow powder.

I was so happy with the results, it was such a difference from my natural brows and I definitely won’t need to fill them in at all now from day to day. I was extremely impressed with the Boilerhouse; it’s a beautiful salon with incredibly friendly and professional staff that are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatment. HD brows last around 4 weeks and for only £25.00, I’d say it’s well worth the investment, and I couldn’t recommend a better place to get  it done than the Boilerhouse.

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