Careers Service get ideas in FLUX


Put your entrepreneurial skills to the test and meet the employers


On the 26 and 27 November, Newcastle University Careers Service will present the FLUX competition, a fast-paced challenge which will guide contestants through the entire process of solving real world business problems.

The event will be attended by many big names in the business sector, such as Aldi, Unilever, Santander, Deloitte, and others.

Students can enter the FLUX competition as either individuals or teams of six, for the course of two days.

There are no prerequisites for taking part in FLUX. The event is for students from all stages and all courses in the university. No prior knowledge of business or business management is required, as all contestants will be thoroughly briefed before they start working on the problem at hand.

On the day of the competition, the students will develop a business plan to solve a local problem. Meetings with experts, who will be there to help and provide advice, will be conducted. After the business meetings, the teams’ ideas will be assessed and the best team will be selected.

“It’s a bit like a crossover between The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den,” Marc Lintern, director of the Careers Service, said in an interview for The Courier. 

“It’s basically about working together as a team to come up with an idea reasonably quickly. Contestants should also use the business meetings effectively, hear out and apply the advice they get from the experts, and then use the remaining time they have to work on their presentations.

“Every team member’s individual strength has to be utilized. The most important thing about it, however, is just to have good fun. Students I’ve worked with before have all really enjoyed taking part in FLUX.”

Many individual and team prizes will be given out during the final day of FLUX. The winning team will gain £500 and the chance to represent the university in the National Final of FLUX in Lancaster, which will take place in spring 2014.

“Last year we had about 40-50 students take part. We got really positive feedback from them,” Lintern commented. “One of the key things about FLUX is, whether you win or don’t win, you get feedback, plus a chance to make new contacts. Employers want to support students by attending the event, however they’re also on the lookout for potential employees. So that’s one important thing to keep in mind.”

FLUX competitions are not just a British thing anymore: “We’ve ran FLUX competitions for two years in Sri Lanka as well, with two universities in Colombo. A FLUX competition will also run in South Africa this summer.”


Image: Careers Service