Golden Oldies: Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting

In a world where now have two Trainspotting films, Greg Rosenvinge revisits the legendary film instalment. Is it (Princes) streets ahead of its belated sequel, or has it lost its lust for life?

The Handmaiden (18)

Carys Rose Thomas checks out this erotic thriller. Will it be enticing, or a little bit alienating?

Oh snap, we’re in the thick of it

After the ‘shock’ announcement of a snap general election, Joe Holloran prepares us for June 8th by looking back at cinema’s most notorious balloting blunders

Fast & Furious 8 (12A)

Simon Ramshaw checks out the newest Fast and Furious movie. Will it be entertaining, or fall short in comparison to the rest?

London calling to the Sundance towns

The full lineup for Britain’s take on America’s largest independent film festival has been announced. Helena Buchanan gives us the lowdown on what’ll be screening on June 1-4

Donald vs Arnold: Trumpment Day

Twitter feuds. A common part of modern life. Who doesn’t love reading J.K Rowling digitally bitch-slapping Piers Morgan during the down time between ISIS atrocities…