Viceroy’s House (12A)

Calum Trenaman checks out this partition drama for us. Will it be realistic, or more of a washing over?

Golden Oldies: John Water’s Pink Flamingos

Throughout March, the Tyneside Cinema is celebrating John Waters, the outrageous director who turned bad taste into an art form. Sophie Schneider braces herself to view his most iconic work, the grotesque Pink Flamingos.

The Love Witch (15)

Rachel Baker checks out this giallo inspired flick. Will it do the genre justice, or just fall flat?

Kong: Skull Island (12A)

Alex Ridley heads to see the this highly anticipated blockbuster. Will it be groundbreaking, or just a little bit cliche?

Certain Women (12A)

Helena Buchanan heads to see this film starring Kristen Stewart. Will it be interesting, or maybe just boring?

Rated F for strong female role models

A progressive, helpful feature has come to IMDb: the ‘F’ rating. Tom Atkinson takes us through just what this means – both for the website itself, and for women in the industry

Logan (15)

Joe Holloran heads to see Logan, Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine. Will it be the send-off he deserves?

Senpai-ed away: Miyazaki noticed us

After retiring in 2013, the world’s most famous anime director announced his truimphant return. Christopher Wilkinson looks at Miyazaki’s legacy and his hopes for his next film

Lion (PG)

Sidney Pinsent heads to see this Oscar nominated film. Will it stand up to its praises?