A nasty case of Originitis

As Pan flies into theatres, Imogen Scott-Chambers takes a look at some of the rot in today’s Hollywood – that tropey origin story

Pan (PG)

Francis Williams ventures into Neverland and reviews the new Peter Pan prequel, Pan.

Legend (18)

George Naylor reviews the new gangster thriller about the Kray twins, Legend

The Martian (12A)

Christa Tjadens reviews the new film which includes Matt Damon in need of being saved, The Martian

O, Bourne, where art thou?

Another year goes by, another Matt Damon rescue-movie. Simon Ramshaw
discovers just what makes a Damon-disappearance epic tick ***SPOILERS WITHIN***

No penis, mo’ problems

With the release of Suffragette, the debate on gender inequality in Hollywood has resurfaced, Sunil Nambiar investigates privilege of the penis variety

War of the Words: Interstellar

In our new, fresh and hot column (*EXPLOSION*), Haaris Qureshi and Ritwik Sarkar battle it out over Christopher Nolan’s divisive space-epic Interstellar