Hurts: Surrender

When Hurts’ frontman Theo Hutchinson talked about the band needing to ‘step forwards’, it was this album that would symbolise that move. He and Adam…

INTERVIEW: Little Comets

Music Editor Dominique Daly got the chance to chat with Rob from Little Comets ahead of the 02 Academy’s big 10th birthday bash to talk all things 02 Academy and see what the venue means to the band

Interview: Wolf Alice

Ahead of their packed-out sweat-fest of a show at Newcastle’s Students Union Wolf Alice sat down with Connor McDonnell to chat about dead pets, broken arms and ‘psychofeak poprock’

Interview: Rae Morris

Sensational songstress Rae Morris spared some time to have a chat with Caoilfhionn Rose Birley about the evolution of her music, her inspirations and where she sees her music taking her

Interview: Eliza and The Bear

Music Editor, Dominique Daly caught up with Martin and Chris from Eliza and the Bear to chat about their new album, upcoming tour, Martin’s impressive Uno abilities and a spot of bear wrestling.