The EX Factor

With Nana-favourite Countryfile beating The X Factor in ratings recently, TV fan Helen Daly questions whether the show is slowly becoming its own sob story.

Highlight: Code Black

The documentary drama has seemingly taken a backseat in today’s age of TV fantasy, although one show is threatening to break that mould when it…

TV Licensing For Students: Is It Worth It?

Let’s be honest, student loans don’t stretch that far after rent, bills, and the compulsory bottle of gin a week. So why should we have to pay £145.50 a year to be a couch potato? Rosie Bellini investigates.

Highlight: The Affair

If you haven’t seen it, The Affair chronicles the growing relationship between two people and the troubles that arise within and between their families. And…

Can you QI without Fry?

With the heartbreaking news that QI will be sans Stephen Fry shortly, Helena Vesty discusses the future of the much-loved BBC panel show.