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Cross River Gorilla Project

March 20th, 2017 | by editor
Cross River Gorilla Project

On Saturday, March 11th Cross River Gorilla Project held the ‘Komunity Event’, where students and local community had the opportunity to learn more about the cause and how to get involved with the charity.

12 students from Newcastle University’s Media and Biology Departments are working with Cross River Gorilla Project, a nonprofit UK based charity, for a while in order to support the conservation efforts of these rare animals.

While enjoying energetic African music, guests had the opportunity to try on and buy various colourful props like jewellery and gorilla masks.

The organisation is also currently raising money to build research centres in the Lebialem Highlands.

Organisers said:

“What is really important about this project, is the idea of involvement with local community and nature, without interfering with the natural flow and habits of animals.”

The event was just the beginning of series for students that will be organising in the following months.

All the events are designed to raise funds in order to build research centers in the rainforest and to help save the gorillas, but also create more jobs for the area, educate and empower women in South West Cameroon.

There are 300 cross-river gorillas currently critically endangered across the world, and researchers predict that soon, they could extinct if the appropriate action is not taken.

To donate to Cross River Gorilla Project or to find out more about their events, please visit

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