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DIY: make a co-ord from an old t-shirt

November 2nd, 2015 | by NUSU
DIY: make a co-ord from an old t-shirt

Thinking of throwing out old clothes you have lying around but can’t bear to waste them? Here’s a way to recycle clothing into something new! I created this outfit with a big old t-shirt from H&M. The top I made was inspired by the popular Alexander Wang bralette; and there was just enough fabric on the shirt to make a high waisted skirt to complete the outfit.


Instructions for bralette:

– Print out a pattern online, or trace over a bralette you already have. Make sure you are tracing all the individual pieces that make up the bralette.

– Draw a 1cm border outline around each of the tracings. Cut the pieces of paper out at the border.

If your fabric is very flimsy, you may purchase some interface (Fenwick/Grainger market will have it) and iron it onto the inside of the fabric to achieve sturdiness.

– Attach the tracing shapes you made onto the fabric with pins (or tape). Cut the shapes out.

– Fold in 1cm of the sides of each fabric piece and iron the folds.

– Sew together the sides of the bralette pieces (sew the ironed folds together to make sure no cuttings of the fabric show on the outside when it’s finished).

– Sew metal snap buttons onto the back of the bralette where it should attach.

Instructions for skirt:

-Make your own pattern by tracing over a simple skirt you already have.

-Draw a 1cm border outline around the tracing. Cut out the paper skirt shape.

– If you chose to use interface, iron it on the fabric you will be using.

– Attach the paper skirt shape onto the fabric with pins/tape. Cut it out.

– Now repeat again for the other side of the skirt.

– Fold in 1cm of the sides of each fabric piece and iron the folds.

– Sew the skirt together from the ironed folds.

– Turn the skirt inside out.


And there you have it! This two-piece is perfect for going out, and with a t-shirt that you were probably going to throw out anyway, you can’t go far wrong. A bit of perseverance and you have a brand new outfit!

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