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Down IT Abbey

October 19th, 2015 | by NUSU
Down IT Abbey

Ritwik Sarkar ensures your Sundays will never be sober again with his list of drinking game rules for Downton Abbey. So don your tiara and monocle and let’s get royally trashed.

You will need:

A free Sunday night

-A newsagent’s supply of booze

-A smoking jacket and your finest china to set the scene

1. Whenever someone drinks on the show, drink until they stop

2. Every time Maggie Smith lays down the law like the badass matriarch she is, take a shot

3. When someone mentions the word ‘war’ – drink for England (ie. a can of John Smiths)

4. When there’s even a vague plot mentioned to go against the ruling family, toast your loyalty with wine

5. When anyone says ‘Poor Edith’, drown her sorrows (and yours) with a shot

6. When the honour of Downtown is at stake, defend it with a hearty ale


Bloody hell, will you please stop mentioning the war? I’m smashed. Chin chin.

7. When any character (big or small) dies, remember them with a shot

8. Whenever ‘America’ or ‘American’ is mentioned, strawpedo a bottle of Bud

9. Whenever people walk up the stairs, have some wine (you’re welcome)

10. When any remarks are made about Mary’s appearance, have a sip of wine

11. Every time Daisy is yelled at, drink if you think she deserved it

12. When anyone says, ‘We wont stand for this’, stand up and neck your full drink

13. If Lady Mary ever changes her expression, drink until it goes back to normal

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