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Electronic Blanket

November 21st, 2016 | by Ellie Phillips
Electronic Blanket

Over the last few weeks, London based indie-electronica stars The XX have been dropping teasers all over social media for their forthcoming 3rd album I See You, dropping next January. In a recent Facebook statement, the group commented that they “realise these are uncertain times and we hope the joy and love we found making the record will find its way out into the world, in however small a way.” And what a testament of future truth this statement is. Being such an iconic dream pop group, the news of The XX’s return has sparked up massive sighs of relief across the UK. The works of their previous two albums XX and Coexist are guaranteed to have been played at every after-sesh, every break-up, every montage-worthy moment of somebody’s life, so it’s no wonder we’re so content and excited to be blessed with more touching tracks in the future. Their mixture of spine-tingling beats and poetically deep lyrics are capable of making anyone stop, think and contemplate about our personal self, so here’s hoping that this admirable feature of The XX manages to continue throughout their endeavours next year.

You need to hear: Caribou

Continuing with some more chill vibes, Caribou (also known as Dan Snaith) is yet another dream-electronica act that might take your fancy. The mix up of his tracks can suit whatever your mood, whether it’s to destress from those nightmarishly impending semester one deadlines, hypnotically focus in on a horrendously long chapter of reading, or to mellow out with your mates to, this act has got it all. I was first introduced to Caribou via his 2010 album Swim, which includes some of his all-time best tracks such as ‘Odessa’ and ‘Sun’, of which I was incredibly lucky enough to see a 10-minute encore version of live at Open’er Festival in Poland last summer, seriously one of the biggest highlights of my gig history so far. Caribou is one of those acts that manages to position sounds creatively enough to send you into a total scene-scape of sound, his electronic beats and absurd samples are completely individual, and to see him live isn’t just like standing there looking at a DJ, as a musician he manages to utterly consume you with his tracks, transporting you into a realm of awe. Sound a bit pretentious? You bet your ass it does, but nonetheless it’s the truth, so if you’re ever given the opportunity to bear witness to this, be sure not to miss out.

Listen to: Caribou – ‘Can’t Do Without You’

Preview: Bloom Presents: Romare, Thursday 24th November at World Headquarters

Archie Fainhurst aka ‘Romare’ will be taking to the decks later this November at none other than World HQ. Being a student of African American Visual Culture in his university days, Romare brings something more individual to the scene than your average weekend DJ, as he provides a total mix up of all dancefloor genres. Jumping from funk, soul and disco, to house, techno, balaeric to italo, there’s guaranteed fun for everyone with a good sense of taste in the house this coming Thursday.

World HQ have stated that they will yet again be putting on some awesome live visuals and lights to really enhance the night and make it one to remember, so with tickets starting from just £6 there’s no reason not to get involved. Just remember- no chin waggling allowed.

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