Freshers’ Week: Night Time Highlights

Image: NUSU

As the last night time event is over and done with, we take a look back at the best of the big nights out and the alternative nights in from the last week.

The big nights out

It looked like a successful first night for the Students’ Union’s new Saturday night



There was lots of glitter on show

Ohana means family 🌺 #newcastle #university #freshers2017 #newcastleuniversity

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And it didn’t come off


It didn’t stop this lot having a great time

The start of a very glittery week✨ #fresherscrew

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These guys took the dress code to the next level


For those that were there on Sunday, they’ll remember how good Project X was

Posted by Newcastle Freshers 2017 – 2018 on Day o’ the Sun, Septembarrr 24, 2017

Not a bad view at all


Some had a better view than others

Maybe Debbie can get us backstage next time


Here’s the view from the cheap seats

Posted by Newcastle University Students’ Union on Windsday, Septembarrr 27, 2017

Not that there were seats


And here’s the view of Sunday night from behind the lens

It was bangin’ and large


Glad someone put in the effort for Clash of the Halls on Monday night

We luv it 😍

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They love it, we love it.


This lot just raised the bar

Lucky Flat 13 ♥🏠

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Shit shirt day


I hope they all enjoyed queueing in this

Digi Q

But it was worth it.


The queue meant Film Crew managed to get you lovely lot on camera

Just like any other Monday night


This sums up Tuesday night pretty accurately

Posted by Newcastle University Students’ Union on Windsday, Septembarrr 27, 2017



We can’t find any other evidence of any big night out on Tuesday besides this, so enjoy

It’s all a bit of a blur


This was a dream come true for so many people

Tonight at work I sat in an actual Delorian!!! 🚗🚗🚗 #nusufreshers #delorian #backtothefuture

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Debbie with the backstage access again


Inside the SU wasn’t half bad either

My knight in Lad armour 👊🏻x

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I guess this is what ‘Lad armour’ looks like


Here’s Film Crew’s snippet of the best bits from Wednesday night

Very futuristic indeed


Pandamonium was this year’s curtain closer

😆😆 #nightout #newcastle #uni #freshers #friends

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Not sure what the orange beanie theme is about


It’s always the most recongisable event of the week

KT House 3 💕 #house3family #newcastleuniversity #pandemonium #freshersweek

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Squad. Goals.


Everyone was there

Tonight was insane! Hope all the Newcastle freshers had a great night!
Keep hold of those voucher booklets and enjoy £4.99 cocktail pitchers for a few more weeks!
#pandamonium #freshers #newcastle #nsufreshers #2017 #thegate #intothewoods #wetherspoons @beyond_ncl @playersncl

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You could barely move


The whole of The Gate was brilliantly put together

Something that our Freshers made the most of


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There were lots of pictures with that walking hedge


The alternatives

Everyone loves a burlesque show

Just look at those feathers


There were some majestic sights

Posted by Duke De Milo on Windsday, Septembarrr 27, 2017

It was all very mesmerising


The murder mystery offered a different kind of entertainment

Murder mystery…but can not get the beat…😔

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A big shoutout to the fantastic cast

Posted by Newcastle University Students’ Union on Windsday, Septembarrr 27, 2017

They really were brilliant


But hypnodoggo was our favourite cast member of the week

We met Hypnodog from Britain's Got Talent! I think we've already been hypnotised. #nusufreshers

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Here’s the good boy in action


What a way to end the week

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