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From books to booze

April 25th, 2016 | by NUSU
From books to booze

As we enter mid-April and quickly approach May – the month of exams – students should be preparing to go into hibernation. From timetabling how long you will spend doing this and that, to researching critical essays, using the Robinson Library database, and buying every colour of the rainbow in highlighters for all that reading you plan to do (let’s pray it goes in!), it’s fair to say the next few weeks are bound to be tough. However, we are students of Newcastle Uni after all and we can’t be expected to be keeping our heads down 24/7… Some fun needs to be had otherwise we might as well have gone to Durham. Not to mention, an evening off will keep you from burning out and help to relieve your stress. One night out, a couple of trebles, a lost phone and a cheeky smooch later, and you’ll be ready to return to the books by noon the next day.

So, how to get you from Point A (ie: the library, the SU) to Point B (Digi, Swingers, Tup)? Easy. First things first, take a shower. No one smells good after a stint in the Robbo, trust me when I tell you I’m speaking from experience! A refreshing shower is bound to set you on the right track, though washing your hair might take up time you don’t have, so opt to dry shampoo it.

You will want to have an outfit brewing in your mind, so use that time walking back to plan a look that won’t take long to create. A quick outfit change is a must, otherwise you’ll risk spending all your time making yourself pretty and not enough time prinking.

“One night out, a couple of trebles, a lost phone and a cheeky smooch later, and you’ll be ready to return to the books by noon the next day”

Fast looks are one piece items, then you’re not stuck on what to pair it with. You can’t go wrong with a LBD. An evening classic, it will suit wherever you go for the night. Not to mention, black is a slimming colour, something to hide the effects of revision energy drinks and copious amounts of comfort food. A floral playsuit for summer or a jumpsuit for something more elegant are quick solutions to how to get ready quickly. No one ever really notices what clutch your holding and shoes your wearing, but if you care, then black boots, either ankle or knee-length, are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Bear in mind not to wear anything uncomfortable – you want a fun night out –  not something that’s going to send you home early or on your way to the RVI with a broken leg.

Hair that you’ve dry shampooed should look good loose, but if not, an updo, like a bun or a ponytail are quick and particularly effective if you like styles that keep you cool and your hair off of your face. Quick make-up means minimal make-up. I know it’s fun playing with your brushes, powders and lipsticks, but we want to be fast here. Keep it simple with a base of foundation and a couple of strokes of powder, a smattering of blush for adorable pink cheeks and mascara to make your eyes pop. Should you want a more dramatic look, add a slick of dark lipstick. Follow these quick, simple steps for a spontaneous night out. We’ll all need to turn to the Toon for a night of madness to get through the next month and a half, and if you keep it simple and sweet, then you should blowoff some steam and have a laugh, no drama, no stress. Happy studying/sambuca-ing!

bootsplaysuitlipstickPlaysuit: Topshop £36

Boots: Topshop £27.99

Lipstick: Topshop £8

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