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Getting fit in 2016

February 15th, 2016 | by NUSU
Getting fit in 2016

The January blues often has us chronically consuming anything that will restore our will to live. This can be pretty tough on your body so February calls for detox season! Here are your top tips to getting fit in 2016!

Sweat it out

Exam week comes with an automatic pass to eat unlimited snacks during revision sessions and drink whatever you want when it’s all over but now it’s time to get yourself moving and get rid of all those nasty habits.

Many people have a gym membership so go out and USE IT. You’ll never be ready for summer if you don’t start by shedding that Christmas podge.

Don’t have a gym membership? Fear not! I have discovered the most perfect app designed to suit any lifestyle. It’s called SWORKIT and it’s FREE. You tell it how many minutes you want to do, which part of the body you want to train and it creates a work out for you on the spot. No gym? No excuse!

Not a fan of exercise? The ‘alternative’ can burn around 180 calories in just one Netflix episode, just saying…

Buddy up

You are so much more likely to stick to any health plan when you’re doing it with a friend. People are naturally competitive and social comparisons give us that incentive to try harder. Do you really want to get to your weekly weigh in to find that she has lost 2lbs and all you’ve done is gained a 12 inch dominos cheesy crust?

Avoid yo-yo diets

This means avoid cutting out the naughty things you really like. Everything is fine in moderation. If you go on a health plan where you cut out all chocolate biscuits for four weeks then you’re going to over dose on them when you eventually can eat them and you’ll find yourself back to square one. Allow yourself treats if you’ve worked hard – you deserve it!

Food is your friend

Significantly cutting down your calorie intake will make your body activate starvation mode where it will hold onto any fat. Eating little and often will boost your metabolism which is what you need to burn that fat off! What you eat after a workout is also very important – try things like sweet potato, avocado, fish and grilled chicken and of course make sure you’re getting in your 5 a day!

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