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Hot or Not?

November 16th, 2015 | by NUSU
Hot or Not?


thermFLARES –
 Don’t pack your flares away just yet – the 70’s Summer dream has been restyled for Winter nights.

FAUX FUR – Faux fur has been given a contemporary twist this season, with bold colours and different textures adorning our coats and bags. Grab a shaggy faux fur coat to provide a much needed pop of fash to a dreary winter day.

HERITAGE FABRICS – In line with the release of Burberry’s new Billy Elliot Christmas campaign, all things tweed, tartan and oversized are taking over.

UGGS – The marmite of all shoes. You either love them or loathe them. For me personally, it’s a no. Fine for the house, worthy of a fine in public.

SUPERHERO PRINTS – I get why superman and co. had their trademark looks, I really do. But wearing logos all over your clothes, isn’t it all a bit ‘6 year old pyjama’ style? Oh, and please, please do not wear underwear over tights, no matter HOW cold your student house gets.

METALLIC TATTOOS – The trend that dominated festivals this summer has had its day in the sun. Sorry folks, it’s time to leave this accessory in the bottom of your makeup box until we are dancing in muddy fields once again.


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