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In the frame

November 30th, 2015 | by NUSU
In the frame

Glasses are the gifts of sight for those of us who have vision problems, and we also want to look great when we throw them on. Sadly gorgeous make up handiwork often gets lost behind the frames of the wearers, which always makes us look boring. Yet thankfully, I’ve got 5 genius make-up tips to make the most of your glasses.

The highlight trick to start with is to keep your face flawless. Try to apply your favourite brightening concealer to lighten up the inner corners as well as under your eyes. This is because lenses will really highlight darkness. Also remember that your lenses also magnify any mistakes you made to your eye makeup, such as the infamous ‘fly legs’ clumpy mascara. So to all you gorgeous glasses-wearing ladies out there, be sure to groom your lashes carefully with a comb beforehand.

The second essential beauty tip for specs wearers is to define your eyes. Using eyeliner, mascara and brow pencil are essential to make sure your eyes don’t get lost behind your frames. During the winter season, when you’ve just come from the freezing outside to the heated Robinson library, your eyes get warm behind the lenses. In this way, replacing your cosmetics to waterproof/ smudge-proof formulas will surely help prevent smudges. Moreover, don’t forget to ensure your brows are well groomed as it is your glasses that frame your eyes, but it is your eyebrows that frame your glasses. The right structure to your face when wearing specs is pretty important so make sure you have a defined arch on your eyebrows, but don’t go too overboard.

If you prefer a subtle look, you can simply brush up your brows with an eyebrow shaper. I’d like to recommend Bobbi Brown’s ‘natural brow shaper & hair touch up’. Its mascara-like wand with liquid colour gives me defined but very natural looking brows.

Another hot tip to make a statement is to rock a bold lip, don’t be afraid to express yourself  as a powerful lip will balance out your face, especially if you wear an eye-catching frame. I bet many of you desperately want to wear a bright lipstick or you’re thinking of trying your new pop pink, go for it! It’s incredibly classic to play off the look with a strong frame and a bold lip.

Last but not least, choose the right eyeliner shade for your frames. For those of you who wear traditional colours of gunmetal, brown or black frames, try coloured liner beneath the lower lash line to really pop behind a dark frame. Opt for interesting and edgy colours such as violent, jade green and bronze. For lighter and shinier frame wearers, stick to soft, pale colours so as not to compete with your frames, and go for a nude on the lid and a taupe or metal on the crease. Otherwise there may be too much going on which could interfere with the frames.

Follow above beauty tricks and wear your specs with pride.

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