Instagram me: Watton Earth?

Some say Instagram is either another forum for selfies and documenting useless things, or for the pretentious to show off in another way…I hope I am neither of these. I set up my page to show the photos I am proud of, things I think others would like, beautiful things that I stop and admire enough to take a photo. A photographer – I certainly am not, I know nothing of light, exposure and angle.  I am a failed artist, with a failed artist for a father, he wished I could’ve followed a creative path. But when I showed him my Instagram page, he genuinely admired it, like he did with my old A Level portfolio.  It made me feel like an artist again. These photos are a few of my personal favourites.

(Image 1: The Mountain Stream)

This  was taken on a Fell Walking expedition with NUFWS. It had been a hard start but a beautiful day, I came away with half-a-dozen shots as my phone dies after taking too many photos. On the descent, we came across this brook with a very basic bridge, I wasn’t the only one to take pictures.  It was the nirvana of spot in which to take a break. This photo was taken with my sitting on the bridge, cooling my feet in this river, chatting to my friend Olaf and encouraging Rich to go paddling. The colours and motion are the elements people smile at me for, but I think the memories this represents makes the colours seem even brighter.

(Image 2: Swan)

Swans and their signets paddle along my hometown river, I’ve fed them from when I was small until even now. You hear about protective parent-swans so I can never get a proper look at their babies.  So I took this photo so I could zoom in and see the signets’ faces. The filter, I will admit, made this photo.  I hadn’t noticed how the clouds reflected off the river, I later said it looked like the swan family were swimming in Heaven (one of my cornier moments).  I like how Instagram makes me look make on moments like this, and appreciate where I live and what I have seen, I don’t think I would do so otherwise.

(Image 3: Chinese Teapot)

I’m still not entirely sure if I was allowed to take this photo. It was in a Norwegian museum and it was the only one I dared take, because I’m just too goody-goody.  It was from a Chinese exhibit, and I do love my tea. If I had a theme to my Instagram it would be tea – or at least hot beverages.  I photograph what makes me smile, that is ridiculously insipid to say, but it is true.  Happy moments usually involve tea and I’d never seen a pot like this. Heavy, rustic and yet ornate… I’m so glad I can look at it forever now and it pours out memories of my holiday in Oslo with Kari which is an added plus.

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  1. That bag is to die for. I kind of collect red aesccsories to go with my hair! Ha 😉 .. and man I’d love to get my hands on such a pretty purse! It’s funny (or not really) that you mention an eye infection. I’m wearing glasses in the outfit set I just posted on my blog for the exact same reason. They’re actually from a few months ago though, and thankfully it’s cleared up since. I hope yours goes away soon. *Having* to wear glasses irritates me to no end!You’re adorable! So glad I stumbled across your blog. =)

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