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It's the end of a brangel-era

October 23rd, 2016 | by NUSU
It's the end of a brangel-era

Horror of Horrors! Hollywood’s supposedly longest reigning couple has failed the test of time! Cue yet another series of heartbreaks. This is for those who have found out about the break up but have been too upset to care about the details.

Angelina Jolie has reportedly filed for a divorce from Brad Pitt after being together since 2005, and being married for 2 years. Latest news updates have confirmed that Brad Pitt has not seen his six children for the past three weeks, “it was the longest he’d ever gone without seeing them”, as Hollywood Life writes. In the presence of a therapist and a DCFS (Department of Children Family Service) monitor on the 12 October 2016, Brad met his children for the first time after three weeks. Brad was reportedly to have been tearfully distraught, trying not to alarm the children by breaking down. With much effort, the actor managed to maintain his calm demeanour and devote a full 90-minutes to entertaining his children while reassuring them that there is nothing to worry about.

“There has been rumours surrounding an aggressive confrontation between Brad Pitt and his eldest son, Maddox”

However, outsiders are more concerned about what the factors are that caused this earth-shattering split. According to many accounts, this was not a spur-of-the-moment cry for attention and is due to top 3 reasons.
The divorce is believed to have been the differences in parenting styles. Angelina Jolie has always been more of the hands-on mother who like to execute creative ways to educate and bond with her children. While Angelina Jolie values quality time, Brad, on the other hand, is the strict disciplinarian of the family, perhaps on the slightly unapproachable and authoritative side. Apart from that, there has been rumours surrounding an aggressive confrontation between Brad Pitt and his eldest son, Maddox, who was trying to intervene his parents’ argument in the private jet. News reports states that Brad Pitt who was reputedly drunk used some violence on his son, along with some harsh words. Whether these claims appear to be true, remains to be confirmed since neither party have clarified. Let’s not jump to conclusions in the meantime.
The second reason claims to be Angelina’s renewed focus on her health, as The Mirror reports. Since her mastectomy in 2013, Angelina seemingly spend a large majority of her time on improving her body wellness. Not the life of the party as she once was, Angelina has been said to be very contented to juggle family and health after that health scare. However, Brad continued to be that fun-loving, easy-go-lucky man he was while courting Angelina Jolie. Did a shift in priorities leave Brad Pitt feeling neglected?

“Brad continued to be that fun-loving, easy go-lucky man”

Thirdly, another juicy reveal was leaked to the press with regards to the split. Apparently, sources have reported spotting Brad Pitt getting a little too cozy with co-star Marion Cotillard on the set of Allied. Angelina was said to be suspicious to the point that she engaged a private investigator to tail her husband in London while he filmed. This episode might have caused some tension on their relationship, but recently, Marion Cotillard, has stepped forward to dispel any rumours of her being the third party. Daily Mail quoted from a close source, saying that Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet are blissfully married with their 5-year-old son, Marcel and that this assumption has undeniably caused some friction in their marriage. The 2005 dramatic love triangle of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston is never too far away from our minds, so what is to say that Brad’s philandering ways have not yet again surfaced?

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