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LIVE: Coasts @ O2 Academy

October 27th, 2015 | by NUSU
LIVE: Coasts @ O2 Academy
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If you think you’ve never heard of Coasts google their song ‘Oceans’. You’ll probably be taken back to summer and know exactly what band we’re talking about. With multiple songs featuring on the Topshop Store playlist and being played countlessly on Radio 1, ‘Oceans’ seemed to become the unofficial indie pop anthem of the summer. They storm onto stage at the O2 Academy in Newcastle. Although it is freezing outside, it’s as if the warm air they bring is that of a summer festival.

They begin with an atmospheric rendition of ‘Wallow’, the jangly guitars are exciting and the floor bounces under jumping feet. It’s not until the third song that frontman Chris Caines addresses the crowd and he comes across humbled (cue the female dominated crowd to fall in love with him). This is followed by an impromptu moshpit in the next song – perhaps some of the girls’ accompanying boyfriends trying to prove their masculinity.

The sound is refreshing, with indie vibes laced with synth keyboard. This is why you should see Coasts, it’s a bit different- the real star of this band is definitely David Goulbourn on the keyboard. Gouldbourn seems to effervesce excitement and stands out on stage beside the equally strong frontman, Caines. The new songs, which start to be played mid-way through the set, really highlight the keyboard and the eagerness of the band playing the new songs is infectious.

Next is ‘Wolves’. Up until now all the songs have been great but very similar yet ‘Wolves’ seems to have more depth. There is something darker in both the music and the stage presence that the band have when performing this song. It’s promising to see a different side to them, which they will hopefully explore further because this may be the edge they need. You could criticise the band for the similarities in a lot of their songs and there does start to be a fluidity between the songs in the set, which probably isn’t intentional.

You can see this band being the soundtrack to the festivals next year. The long hair and catchy pop songs somehow reminiscent of their name. It makes you imagine them being mesmeric on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Glastonbury. However there is something to be said about the quality of their sound in a small venue, not being lost but rather encapsulated within the room.

With their current single opening the new season on ‘Made In Chelsea’ the support behind this band is steadily growing and with their debut album out on the 22nd January, it is worth giving the Bristol based band a listen if you are a fan of Chvrches, the 1975 or after a much more interesting and up-beat Coldplay.

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