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Matte lips

February 29th, 2016 | by NUSU
Matte lips

When it comes to lipstick, my preference will always be a matte formula. Not only are matte lipsticks generally more long lasting, but they create a bolder finish and can make lips look naturally fuller without having to go to the trouble of overdrawing them. The biggest trend at the moment seems to be matte liquid lipsticks as seen from Kylie Jenner’s new range which has been insanely popular.

My favourite liquid formula comes from NYX, an American drugstore brand which is recently available in the UK from the likes of feelunique and boots. NYX’s soft matte lip creams are perfect because they are available in such a wide range of shades from the more neutral subtle shades, to bright purples and more daring oranges. The formula is thick and buildable as well as being super pigmented which means that you are ready to go with just one coat. They apply really smoothly due to their buttery texture, yet then set to a matte finish which stays put for hours without having to reapply. Two of my favourite shades are ‘Stockholm’ and ‘Ibiza’. ‘Stockholm’ is one of NYX’s bestselling shades and is forever out of stock online, so if you can get your hands on it then be sure to see what the fuss is about. It is a really natural peachy brown shade which suits a lot of different skin tones, even pale skin as it is nude without being too pale which could wash you out.

‘Ibiza’ is much more vibrant being a mix of pink, red and coral which would be beautiful for summer, or for those days when you simply need to brighten up your makeup. Although a lot of matte liquid lipsticks have the tendency to dry out the lips and leave them dehydrated, these ones from NYX sit comfortably on the lips and manage to be both moisturising and long lasting which is rare. You can buy these for £5.50 which is great compared to a lot of their more premium counterparts which NYX rival.

If you prefer the formula of a matte lipstick, then my pick comes from Charlotte Tilbury and her matte revolution collection. If you are going to splash out on the £23 price tag, choose a shade which you will get a lot of wear out of. I love the shade ‘love liberty’ which is a beautifully deep toned red/purple which adds vibrancy to complete any statement look. What I like most about this shade is that you can blot it onto your lips to create a soft flush of colour, or you can build it up really strongly to create a much bolder shade. Not only is the rose gold packaging luxurious, but the lipstick itself is worth the more premium price tag. It has great staying power; I apply it before I go out and sometimes don’t even take it out with me and it stays put. Like the soft matte lip creams, this lipstick is also surprisingly moisturising and does not dry out the lips. The angled tip of these lipsticks also makes applying it super easy, so much so that there is no need for the precision of a brush.

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