Meet the Team

Any Newcastle students are welcome to write for the Courier – just pop along to one of our meetings at 1:30 on Wednesday afternoons in Merz Court L302, find one of our writers’ groups on facebook, or email

Aside from our army of writers and photographers, the paper is put together with a team of nearly 50 sub-editors, overseen by James Sproston, the Editor and full-time head of student media at Newcastle, as well as one of NUSU’s sabbatical officers.


James Sproston

Deputy Editor

Alex Hendley

Online Editor

Jared Moore

Copy Editor

Laura Staniforth

Current Affairs Editor

Sunil Nambiar

News Editors

Zoë Crowther, Valentina Egorova, Hanson Jones, Louise Hall and Isabel Sykes

Comment Editors

Jamie Cameron, Caitlin Disken and Alexandra Sadler

Sports Editors

Sydney Isaacs, Matt Proctor, Tom Shrimplin, Mark Sleightholm and Courtney Strait

Life & Style Editor

Izzy Watkins

Lifestyle Editors

Sophie Henderson, Jaymelouise Hudspith, Lauren Sneath and Victoria Young

Fashion Editors

Chloe Bland, Sophie Schneider and Zofia Zwieglinska

Beauty Editors

Laura Greatrex, Lois Johnston and Susanne Norris

Travel Editors

Charlotte Hill and Talia Gillin

Culture Editors

Zoë Godden and Ciara Ritson-Courtney

Arts Editors

Scarlett Rowland and Carys Thomas

Music Editors

Toby Bryant, Charlie Isaac and Ally Wilson

TV Editors

Jacob Clarke, Joel Leaver and Alex Moore

Film Editors

Helena Buchanan, Dan Haygarth and Chris Wilkinson

Gaming Editors

Gerry Hart, Georgina Howlett and Richard Liddle

Science Editors

Jack Coles, Christopher Little and Ciara Ritson-Courtney