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Menswear meets Makeup

February 22nd, 2016 | by NUSU
Menswear meets Makeup

For A/W16, Vivienne Westwood dedicated her collection to the 70’s. Vivienne Westwood gave us the strongest modern update of the century in her liberated collection. The decade was the headline influence on Burberry’s show at the politically charged London Fashion Week A/W16 collection in Milan, as its really got people talking…

Vivienne Westwood’s shows are known to be quirky, eccentric and unconventional. We love the sometimes-mad beauty creations that compliment the clothes, and the AW16 Menswear show was no exception. Westwood’s show ‘Be Specific’ expressed itself as something of an ode to the late Bowie. “It was gender-blending, with male models in platforms, the occasional ball gown, but forget that for a moment and focus on the false lashes and block coloured eye shadow. What we learned? Boys look good in mascara. Bowie knew best”. -Westwood ‘Statement eyes’ summed up the beauty look for Burberrys A/W16 and a nod to the 70’s and modern elaborate trends captivated London Fashion Week. For the eyes; a somewhat rugged look was portrayed by a 70’s sweep of a forest green hue placed across the lid and an earthy khaki smudged in the inner corner of the eye for added definition. With a natural complexion to complement, it was all about the eyes in this LFW show. Continuing on the path to saving the earth, Westwood’s collection draws on the “Politicians Are Criminals” show from last year with a twist of anarchy, as she touched on how politicians are ruining the planet.

Though gender neutrality is nothing new to the fashion scene, Westwood’s collection saw an army of androgyny adorned in everything from clean tailoring to hooded coats and asymmetrical gowns, to male models looks completed with wedges and heeled brogues. The bright pink and orange hues infused the collection, made for a powerful clash of colour with the green hues thrown in the mix and smudged across the lid. Because this autumn/winter 2016 collection was about bending and blending gender, letting men strut out, adorned in eye shadow had a bold statement. Westwood has always been a provocateur, and this show potentially pushed us further than any of her recent excursions, it was Westwood’s non-specific gender style that made the show oddly appealing.

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