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Must Watch: The Walking Dead

October 11th, 2015 | by NUSU
Must Watch: The Walking Dead



All is not well in Alexandria when The Walking Dead returns for its sixth season this month.

Since episode one, when Rick awoke from his coma to find the world had ended and the dead didn’t die, every day has been a fight for survival. Quickly, the show adopted the tagline ‘Fight the dead, fear the living’, for it wasn’t the undead that carried the biggest threat. From Shane to the Governor, Terminus’ Gareth to the Claimer’s Joe, Rick has done whatever it took to protect his family from the evil world in which they now find themselves.

After finding sanctuary in Alexandria during Season Five, Rick’s group must now adjust to life behind the safety of the walls. Yet life is often far from quiet in the Walking Dead universe.

Desperate to keep his family safe, Rick remains determined to toughen up the Alexandrians, with the threat of the mysterious Wolves lurking in the woods. Yet after a vicious fight with new love interest Jessie’s abusive husband Pete left Rick facing exile, as well as Rick’s public execution of Pete, just how far will the timid Alexandrian’s join Rick’s revolution?

The untimely return of Morgan will also see tensions flare, with Rick’s willingness to kill in direct contrast to Morgan’s belief that every life is precious.

Of course, Rick isn’t working alone, with Carol willingly following his every instruction, but how will Michonne, Glenn and the rest of the group react as Rick’s antics spiral out of control?

With the lines between good and evil blurred after five seasons in the walker-infested world, could we be about to root for the bad guy?


Fox(UK), Monday 12th October, 9pm.


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