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Not so freshers

October 19th, 2015 | by NUSU
Not so freshers

Whether you are first year experiencing freshers, or a final year student desperately attempting to intoxicate yourself to forget your dissertation, your body needs a drastic detox. Perhaps you’re in the situation like me, at the beginning of the awkward second year where you suddenly realise that you can no longer mess around like last year. It’s now time to roll out of bed in the morning and attend those lectures.

Let’s face it – your body and skin are a mess both inside and out after a week of hardcore drinking and partying, now it’s time to get yourself into a correct cleansing routine and rehabilitate after all those rough nights. To all you party animals out there, here are some detoxing tips that could help you pamper yourselves.


Water is a good rejuvenating cleansing fluid that people normally choose to replenish their body. Better yet, I would personally recommend stirring one heaped teaspoon of Hion Green Powder into the hot water. A good tip would be to drink it before you go to bed and let it work its magic while you sleep.

I would highly recommend that everyone should give detoxing a try with this green powder as it works wonders on body cleansing and helps to reduce tiredness whilst giving you rapid immune support. As alcohol flushes a lot of nutrients from your body you need to replenish it with this powerful natural powder which provides a burst of nutrients that contribute towards supporting and energizing both your body and mind. It really gives such an energy boost and leaves you feeling fantastically refreshed after the crazy nights out.

This powder would certainly help your body rebound and detoxify alcohol more efficiently. Let yourself indulge in each spoonful and you will be amazed at the great feeling of recovery. Although the price is slightly higher than normal supplements it is totally worth it when you seriously want to take care of your body.  

Skin                                               facemaskonline      

Intense late nights and too much alcohol is quite a toxic combination for your skin. Dullness and dehydration are often caused by partying too hard and sleeping rough. For those of you who want to look replenished after a week of heavy drinking, I find that using my favourite aquaring ampoule essential mask is the best way to instantly recover dull and dry skin conditions. It is formulated to boost the brightening of the skin, whilst hydrating and keeping skin looking full and refreshed.

Lie back and relax, enjoy a super-charged intense hydration in just 15 minutes and your face will feel amazingly glowing and reawakened

The highlight of this cleansing mask is its magical power of locking water in to the skin to hy-drate it. Lie back and relax, enjoy a super-charged intense hydration in just 15 minutes and your face will feel amazingly glowing and reawakened. A more radiant-looking you will appear among the ‘walking-dead’. Trust me, this paper thin mask will definitely help you bounce back immediately.

As freshers flu inevitably takes its firm grip around campus, I hope your body recovers swiftly and you go back to looking as fantastic as always!

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