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Peep Show

December 12th, 2016 | by editor
Peep Show

I’m very particular when it comes to comedy programmes but a show that I have really enjoyed watching this year, and something which I couldn’t recommend more is Peep Show. A classic British comedy starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb, the show was released on Netflix this year but first began in 2003.

It follows two very different but equally as dysfunctional friends called Mark and Jeremy, who tough it out through the most awkward of scenarios.

The dark, sarcastic comedy, narrated by the thoughts of the pair is extremely relatable yet weird and outlandish enough to make anyone feel as though they aren’t as awkward as they once thought, compared to these protagonists. The pair have original and individualised story lines and often differ on social decisions. Mark is arguably more sensible but is an over-thinker, and Jeremy is borderline mad on occasion, as he even accidentaly facilitates a robbery in the bank that Mark works at. However, arguably the programme is based on an extremely subtle, unwritten bromance between Mark and Jeremy, even if they don’t completely understand each other’s perspectives on life.

“‘Soz’ is not an appropriate level of apology for facilitating an armed fucking robbery” – Mark

So, if you need something to binge watch over Christmas, to get away from revision or the family, there are seven series total of Peep Show which are perfect for a rather quirky and cynical 25 minute break from whatever you are doing this holiday.

Sian Dicke

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