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Reduce, Reuse, Re-style: charity through fashion

November 27th, 2017 | by editor
Reduce, Reuse, Re-style: charity through fashion

Newcastle University Fashion Society has teamed up with NUSU Go Volunteer to head a charitable campaign, involving the re-styling of recycled clothes into new garments.

Already underway, the period of collection runs from the 31st of October to the 30th of November, with the likelihood of being extended. Students and staff of the Newcastle community are encouraged to donate their materials, such as T-shirts, Sweaters, Socks, Pillowcases, Bedsheets and Belts.

“The unique, student-led project aims to support disadvantaged communities through an environmentally friendly practice”

Any other interesting fabrics lying about the house would also be greatly appreciated by the NUFS, who are keen to repurpose it for a good cause. From Sweaters, old or new, the society plans to create Mittens, Arm-warmers and Snoods. They also intend to transform T-shirts and ornamental shirts into Headbands, Scarves, Tote-bags and Kimono shirts.

These new garments will be distributed to various charitable societies of the university- notably, RAG; Helping the Homeless; Women for Women and N.E.S.T- providing people in need with gifts this Christmas.

In collaboration with the university’s volunteering sector, the restyling sessions provide all students with the opportunity to participate in charitable work. Go Volunteer, the centre of Volunteering at Newcastle, prides itself on ensuring that students get the most out of their time at the University.

Varying from one-off to long-term opportunities, the NUSU brings together over 150 different volunteering projects, making it possible to fit volunteering around the busiest of timetables. The Upcycling scheme is just one of the many volunteering project’s Go Volunteer offers that stands to be both enjoyable and highly rewarding.

The unique, student-led project aims to support disadvantaged communities through an environmentally friendly practice. Dianne Odede, Fashion Society Treasurer, told The Courier:

“The Campaign came to mind when I took note of an issue of consumerism and waste. Its use of donated materials supports the renewal of abandoned items and hence encourages the reduction of clothing waste.

“Even unused material collected during the restyling sessions is taken to H&M on Northumberland Street for their own Upcycling scheme! Not a scrap is going to waste.”

Newcastle’s Fashion Society states that it ‘aspires to inspire’. Dianne Odede, on behalf of the Fashion Society commented how their aim ‘is and always has been to bring out unseen talent’. The restyling sessions are open to all Newcastle students, regardless of whether they have any experience in Fashion or Volunteering.

The campaign intends to create a space in which people can exercise creative freedom and expression, with its focus on design and simple sewing. While members of the Fashion Society man the sewing machines, everyone else is encouraged to get involved in the preparation process.

“The society plans to create Mittens, Arm-warmers and Snoods, and transform T-shirts and ornamental shirts into Headbands, scarves and tote bags”

Bringing together students from across the University, the project provides the perfect opportunity to meet new people. The close-knit community created will be able to enjoy themselves in a fun, dynamic environment, while working to help those in need.

To donate materials towards the Upcycling scheme, deposit your unwanted garments in the drop-off box outside the Go Volunteer office.

Restyling sessions will be taking place at weekends throughout December and January. Members of the Newcastle University community are encouraged to bring scissors, markers, pencils and enthusiasm.

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