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Review: Our Girl

October 17th, 2016 | by NUSU
Review: Our Girl

Series Two of BBC’s five-part drama Our Girl came to an end on Wednesday evening with a compelling concluding episode. The story focuses on Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan), a medic in the army who is sent out to Kenya, alongside Captain James, on a humanitarian mission. After recovering from heartbreak from her special forces ex fiancé Elvis, Georgie leaves her new man behind for this tour just before her wedding. The fast paced plot line kicks off when an IED explodes and Georgie is captured and held hostage by Al Shabaab terrorist Abu (Michael James).

The romance and love triangle through which the lead characters are humanized, combined with a thrilling war/terrorism plot holds a unique appeal for viewers, setting it apart from other BBC dramas such as Silent Witness, also directed by David Drury.

Despite having a generally convincing plot line and mostly believable characters, the programme’s depiction of the army is somewhat unrealistic, with the glamorous Michelle Keegan being more persuasive as an emotional hostage than a heroic army medic.

Regardless of the seemingly resolved finish on the terrorist front, and a lack of a ‘cliffhanger’, which resulted in a disappointing and predictable end, confirmations of Michelle Keegan returning for a third series leaves viewers hotly anticipating more romantic drama with the gorgeous Elvis.

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