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Review: The Winter Launch

November 21st, 2016 | by editor
Review: The Winter Launch

Helena Buchanan reviews The Biscuit Factory’s latest event

At the Biscuit Factory Winter Launch, I made the somewhat surprising discovery that I have a real thing for overpriced ceramics and the rather less surprising discovery that I have the same passion for free champagne. The event was very pleasingly festive (yes, I am one of the twats enjoying the fact that tinsel is already invading our lives) with mulled wine, roast chestnuts and a gospel choir accompanying the art.

A highlight was a collection of prints and watercolours of bumblebees by Andrew Tyzack, reminding us that the political can be understated. I like to think Attenborough would be proud of these delicately rendered, highly moving works.

“The mulled wine may have brought something

bad out in me”

There seemed to be a strange but enjoyable proliferation of works including Llamas, it seems there is a vogue I was unaware of but am extremely glad to have discovered. Key Llama-lovin works included shimmering Raku-fired ceramics by Henrietta Corbett, with gorgeous flat-faced-lion counterparts.

The variety of ceramics was extensive, ranging from the delicate espresso cups of Neville Tatham to Mary Jones’ somewhat psychedelic ceramic heads. The exhibition made me slightly question whether I have anything which could be described as ‘taste’ concerning art, but quickly decided that ‘things which make me happy’ is a sufficiently discerning criterion.

It became a slightly wistful evening at the realisation that all the works were priced, reminding me that the rest of the visitors (most of whom with markedly more grey hair than me) were looking to buy inspiring a bout of complaint ‘when will I be rich’/ ‘grrr I will never be rich’/ ‘grr fuck capitalism’ etc. It became more fun, however, when I embraced my student-poverty and instead marched around swishing my imaginary fur cape loudly proclaiming ‘yes but it would all look a little pedestrian next to the Freud’. Fun on my own eh… The mulled wine may have brought something bad out in me.

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