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Smell like spring

April 25th, 2016 | by NUSU
Smell like spring

Abrand new season has bestowed itself upon us, so it is a reason for us to upgrade our fragrance closet once again. Whenever anybody thinks of spring, freshly bloomed flowers always come to mind- a delightful scent that should always be part of every girl’s make-up desk.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Floral fragrances have always been in the rage, regardless of the season. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when Christian Dior unveiled Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. This scent has a subtle floral note to it, unlike other perfumes which have that overpowering, sickly sweet note. You are unable to pinpoint a particular flower scent, because like its name suggest the mixture of florals makes up a bouquet, though I can pick up a hint of rose and something fruity in the mix. Its bottle is also a classic simplistic design, where the perfume cap is adorned with a sweet bow as the finishing touch. This hot recommendation just hits the nail on the head.

Hollister California Vista Cove

Unlike other fragrance sprays, Vista Cove Body Mist by Hollister is priced affordably, definitely within a university student’s budget. As a body mist, it lasts slightly shorter than your average perfume but it is an olfactory experience that you would never want to miss. The scent consists of blackcurrant, pink magnolia and cedar-wood, a slightly sweet but refreshing spray concoction. For quantity-wise, you are not getting short-changed, as it comes in a plastic bottle of 235ml,  designed with a purple hibiscus, topped with a typical spritz feature. If you are wondering what it smells like, step inside the Hollister branch in Eldon Square.

Jo Malone Nashi Blossom

(Limited Edition)

Jo Malone is not classified as an aged-old brand with centuries of history behind it, but joining the esteemed Estee Lauder Companies’ family of brands, prove that it has made its mark.

I’m not singing its praises because it is a limited edition scent, but simply because it smells too good to be true. This Jo Malone Nashi Blossom fragrance neatly encapsulates the welcoming freshness of spring in a single blitz. Just general information for all, the meaning of ‘Nashi’ is Asian pear. Hence, it carries that extra fruity note to it, consisting of, you guessed it! Pear blossom, lemon, rose and white musk. This special fragrance made its debut in April 2016, so you are definitely at the pinnacle of the fashion crowd. If you want it, better grab it quickly before it is swept off the shelves. Every girl should have at least a bottle of Jo Malone Cologne in their fragrance collection, it is an essential accessory that would carry you through every milestone in your life.

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