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by Jamie Cameron

Have you ever thought it odd that people can get so attached to a football team?

“Of course not, you pillock”, you quickly reply, but hang on, don’t be so hasty.

I mean, just what is it about a small cadre of millionaire sportsmen from all corners of the globe that stirs up such regional pride? These are people hired by billionaire oligarchs, who often have no roots in the UK whatsoever, nevermind the area for which they run the dubiously related sports club.

If that weren’t strange enough, isn’t it fascinating that supporters will say something like “we propa smashed ya boys last night”, typically after downing a pint at a working men’s club, as if these regular supporters of titanic sports corporations, voids of capital and interest, actually have anything to do with them? – besides taking their money.

This requires further research.

by Cvety Illieva

If you are searching for a brilliant TV series that will make you question your life… here is news to be ecstatic about! Seven years after its cancelation, Fox’s most hyped series Prison Break is officially coming back to our screens with a brand new season! And, if you‘re still not jumping with joy like a lunatic. I take it you are one of those people who have never seen this legendary show. So here it is to you – If there is a thing you need to know about Prison Break is that It’ll wrack your mind. It is one of those series that simply make love to your brain. Not only does it stimulate your mind with its non-stop genius plot twists and mind blowing depth of the storyline, but the series can guarantee to keep you on your toes and leave you begging for more. Add to the equation ultra-hot bad boys squad including faces like Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell and you get as result a brilliant production that promises to quench your thirst for thrills and adventure.

by Ben Glaister

Trump is a catastrophe. He horrifies me. Right, now that I’ve said what 99% of the under 25’s expect of me, let me add one warning.

It’s ok to marvel at the sheer bluntness, hypocrisy and all round bafoonery of the man somehow holding the most powerful and respected office in the Western World, BUT, do not just hate him because it’s fashionable. Please, for the love of God, don’t be an intellectual vacuum, don’t talk at me in sound bites about ‘loving Trump’s hate’, don’t nod blindly and agree with whatever little snippet of facile Conservative-bashing the 16-25 generation has decided to pedal this week. Oppose Trump. Oppose him for the right reasons. Oppose him for his vulgarity and cruelty and for his desire to control. But also don’t forget to oppose those who hate him just because the rest of their generation does, and so too, naturally must they – this terrifying generational phenomenon is more damaging to free thought and rational discussion than Trump could ever be. Think before you roast Mr Trump, my fellow millennials – remember to have a good reason to despise him.


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