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Steven Universe's Gem and Tonic

March 10th, 2016 | by NUSU
Steven Universe's Gem and Tonic

You will need:

– A bottle of wine/cans of beer.

– Vodka or any other spirit.

– Some fabulous Fusion-inspired cocktails.

– All of your Ruby and Sapphire fanfics stashed away before your friends arrive.


1. When the theme song plays, drink until Steven’s last lyric.

2. If someone refers to Gem history, drink. Finish it if it turns into a flashback.

3. Take a shot if you’re treated with a new song (two if it’s got a ukulele in it).

4. Spot an anime or Estelle reference? That’s another shot.

5. Whenever a Fusion appears, swap drinks with another player and down it.


6. Garnet is Best Mom, so drink every time she gives words of wisdom.

7.Pearl getting gay over Rose again? Drink to wash away that saltiness.

8. Every time Amethyst shapeshifts, take a shot. All the better for you if she does it in succession.

9. Drink when Peridot calls someone a clod. Add a shot if she pulls an exaggerated expression.

10. And every time someone cries, down your drink to help you digest the tears you’ve shed over a bunch of cartoon characters.

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