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Supersonic (15)

October 17th, 2016 | by NUSU
Supersonic (15)

The true brilliance of this film, akin to that of Oasis, lies in its honesty.

The frank commentary about Oasis’ heavy substance abuse, their open critique of the modernising music industry, the bands desperate home circumstances and their not giving a flying fuck about anything attitude, for me captures exactly what Oasis was all about; honesty, fun and abject chaos… with some good songs thrown in for good measure.

The film charts Oasis’ rise from their humble beginnings on a Manchester council estate to their peak of superstardom; selling out Knebworth for two nights, playing to over 250,000 people. What’s extraordinary about this film is how director Mat Whitecross managed to produce an entire feature film solely with old footage and photos of the group. Coupled with voiceovers from the band, cool motion graphics alongside the Oasis repertoire that provides a soundtrack to the film – Whitecross’ creation made for excellent viewing, not least in just the filming techniques but the way he manages to deliver the honest and domestic feel Oasis exuded, which fans and casual listeners alike are all oh so familiar with.

‘It captures exactly what Oasis was all about; honesty, fun, and abject chaos’

I do however have a few criticisms. The problem with the film is that it simply does not explore the creative process behind the song production and seemingly fails to answer the key questions of why the songs were written, how they came about, what they meant… which as a fan I think is a bit of a shame, a missed opportunity shall we say. After all, this is a movie about a band…

Following on from the hugely successful ‘Amy’, the producers of Supersonic had set themselves a hard task in producing a biopic of one of rocks all time giants – Aside from a few minor issues, I think they did an excellent job.

How would I describe this movie? Funny, honest, and fucking chaotic – just like Oasis.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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