Donald vs Arnold: Trumpment Day

Twitter feuds. A common part of modern life. Who doesn’t love reading J.K Rowling digitally bitch-slapping Piers Morgan during the down time between ISIS atrocities…

Rated F for strong female role models

A progressive, helpful feature has come to IMDb: the ‘F’ rating. Tom Atkinson takes us through just what this means – both for the website itself, and for women in the industry

Senpai-ed away: Miyazaki noticed us

After retiring in 2013, the world’s most famous anime director announced his truimphant return. Christopher Wilkinson looks at Miyazaki’s legacy and his hopes for his next film

The Moonlight mix-up mystery

Was the wrong Best Picture announcement truly an honest mistake, or is there a greater conspiracy afoot? Calum Trenaman investigates what really went on behind-the-scenes

And the Academy Award goes to…

Did the 89th Oscars praise the right cinematic spectacles? The Courier Writers sum up their dream picks and their thoughts on the real winners, plus a recap of THAT movie mix-up…

What a shower of BAFTAs!

It’s the last step to the Oscars, and it’s hosted on our very own shores. That’s right, the BAFTAs are here, and Elizabeth Steele tells us what she thinks of the winners.

Relight My Fire or My Wallet?

Robyn Wainwright discusses whether or not reunions can be truly successful and takes us through the good, the bad and the potentially incredible artists who re-grace the stage.