Tyneside Cinema

The Handmaiden (18)

Carys Rose Thomas checks out this erotic thriller. Will it be enticing, or a little bit alienating?

Viceroy’s House (12A)

Calum Trenaman checks out this partition drama for us. Will it be realistic, or more of a washing over?

Golden Oldies: John Water’s Pink Flamingos

Throughout March, the Tyneside Cinema is celebrating John Waters, the outrageous director who turned bad taste into an art form. Sophie Schneider braces herself to view his most iconic work, the grotesque Pink Flamingos.

The Love Witch (15)

Rachel Baker checks out this giallo inspired flick. Will it do the genre justice, or just fall flat?

Certain Women (12A)

Helena Buchanan heads to see this film starring Kristen Stewart. Will it be interesting, or maybe just boring?

Lion (PG)

Sidney Pinsent heads to see this Oscar nominated film. Will it stand up to its praises?

Manchester by the Sea (15)

With Casey Affleck winning Best Actor at the 2017 Oscars, Rachel Baker tells us if the film he starred in is worth the hype.

Free Fire (15)

Emma Allsopp headed down to Tyneside Cinema’s Q&A with director Ben Wheatley. Here is her verdict on his newest venture.

Fences (12A)

Tom Cooney heads to Tyneside Cinema to check out this adaptation of a stage play. Will it have left its theatre roots behind in favour of something a little more cinematic?