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Tattoos as a Fashion Statement

November 28th, 2016 | by Kitty Marie
Tattoos as a Fashion Statement

Kitty Marie contrasts the light and dark side of etching into your skin

Our favourite drawing, the name of somebody we love, a drunken joke, an inspirational quote;  tattoos can take many forms and can mean very different things for different people. However, there is often debate on whether they are a form of art to be loved by the holder forever or a passing faze that will most certainly be regretted. So is it a rite of passage or a badge of dishonour?

Tattoos are art:

Of course tattoos are art; they require an actual artist to bring them to life. The tattoos we see on people’s bodies vary from very small, simple designs like a Hello Kitty or a character from Winnie the Pooh to beautiful, colourful intricate pieces of art. These could be a Kraken devouring a ship in a windy ocean, a busty woman on a motorbike or a portrait of a loved one. All of these designs require someone to painstakingly pierce into the person’s body with needles and ink beneath the surface of the skin.

Like a painting or sculpture, a tattoo can make us feel slight awe or happiness when we see it, and some of them are so good that we even contemplate getting the design on our own body. Like any other art, a tattoo deserves to be appreciated for the work and craftsmanship that goes into it.

“Like any other art, a tattoo deserves to be appreciated for the work and craftsmanship that goes into it”


We regret tattoos:

Tattoos are definitely art, but despite this we can still come to regret them in many years’ time when we no longer like the design. They are expensive, and this money could be used on other things like going on holiday, buying a classic old car or a new rug. In the future, when you look at the tattoo and think that it is no longer appealing, you would’ve wished you had spent the money on something else instead. If you really hate the tattoo you may wish to pay for laser surgery or tannic acid to remove it; this is just as expensive, sometimes even more expensive, and very time-consuming.



Sometimes a tattoo can also become a reminder of a past life that we wish to leave behind. In the form of a previous lover’s name or a once-upon-a-time proud eagle that has aged with the body and turned in a flaccid budgie… Many of us are fickle and like to change our minds, and with a tattoo it is very difficult to do this as it is a permanent decision.

If you really like a particular drawing, then why not just get it drawn on paper with a pretty frame? That way, you can have as many paintings as you want and it would probably be cheaper than a tattoo.

Tattoos can be both beneficial and detrimental, but they are a life-changing choice that a person must make by themselves. After all, in twenty years’ time you don’t want to boast that you got a tattoo etched into your skin as a drunken joke!

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