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The beauty blender hype

November 30th, 2015 | by NUSU
The beauty blender hype

At first I thought the Beauty Blender was just an overly expensive pointy sponge, however after hearing every beauty blogger and YouTuber rave about it I decided to fork out the £16.00 and try it for myself.

I find the best way to use the Beauty Blender is by running it under the tap until it fully expands, squeezing out the excess water and drying it with a towel. Admittedly, this is a bit of a pain when you just want to slap some make up on in 5 minutes but the results are definitely worth it. Using the Beauty Blender damp means that your face gets an extra dose of moisture and it stops your make up from ever looking dry and cakey.

The sponge also works by soaking up any excess makeup so it’s literally impossible to apply too much, which was a problem I used to have when using a buffing brush for my foundation. The pointed tip of the Beauty Blender makes it really easy to apply concealer under the eyes and I find that using a patting motion with the sponge keeps the make up exactly where you want it rather than spreading it out with a brush. I also dab the Beauty Blender over my bronzer and blusher as it takes away any harsh lines. This technique makes sure everything is seamlessly blended; it does all the hard work for you.

I’d say that the Beauty Blender gives a medium coverage, even after applying a couple of layers of make up my skin still magically looks like skin! Sometimes if I’m wanting a more full coverage look I’ll use a buffing brush (try Real Techniques) to apply my foundation first and then I’ll dab the damp Beauty Blender over my skin to take away any excess product as to ensure I’m not looking chalky.

The moisture from the sponge gives your base a glowy, slightly dewy look, which I personally really like but if you’re going for a matte finish the Beauty Blender might not be for you.

The only problem I’ve really found with the Beauty Blender is that it’s really difficult to clean! I know that there is a special ‘Blender Cleanser’ but I didn’t fancy paying an extra £15.00 on top of the sponge so I tried good old shampoo, the Real Techniques brush cleanser and even oil but nothing seemed to work! I found this really disappointing because when I bought the Beauty Blender I justified it by telling myself “it’s an investment” but I don’t think I’m going to be able to use it for much longer before it gets unhygienic.

This is unlike a brush, which I know will last me years and wash well, so therefore I don’t think I’ll be replacing my Beauty Blender but it was great whilst it lasted!

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